Fans Collaborate With Korea’s Largest Book Store For BTS RM’s Birthday In A Way That Is Just So Right For Him

An archive of books he has ever recommended!

BTS RM‘s birthday is on the 12th of September and boy, have the fans come up with a birthday project that’s absolutely suited for him. Birthday projects in South Korea are often held on a big scale, especially if they are by the idols’ Baidu Fanbars. Check out what fans did for Jungkook on his birthday this year.

For RM’s birthday, fans collaborated with Kyobo Books to create a special little corner for RM. This is so fitting as he is known to love books and love recommending them to fans! Kyobo Books turned their “Recommended Titles” corner to a corner for books recommended by the star himself, complete with posters and banners bearing his face.

| @Baidu_RMbar/Twitter

The fanbar also carefully planned the posters such that in every one of them, RM is reading a book, in order to fit well with the theme of the bookstore.

| @Baidu_RMbar/Twitter

It seems that the fanbar put in lots of sincerity and effort in order to align with the book store’s ideology itself, as well as make it relevant to RM. Quotes from RM are displayed around the area as well.

| @Baidu_RMbar/Twitter

The title of the project, “aRchive”, also has a special meaning. “aR” stands for ARMY”. while “R” is for RM. “ch” is for China, as the fanbar is a collective of Chinese fans, and as a whole “aRchive” means to store, and is also a play on RM’s personal studio name “RKIVE”.

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The setup will be held over the course of a little less than a week, from the 9th to the 16th of September, at Kyobo Books’ main branch in Jongno road, the center of Seoul.

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Quotes from RM and BTS’s songs are displayed on the shelves prominently.

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It seems that fans really put in all the effort they could for this project.

Although most international ARMYs will not be able to attend the event in person, you may view the exhibition and store via a video below!

We can’t wait to see what the creative fans will come up with next year! Until then, if you happen to be in South Korea over the next week, head down to the Kyobo Books Main Branch to check it our yourself.

Source: theqoo