What RM Wants, RM Gets? BTS’s “Run BTS” Song Brings The Spoiler King’s Idea To Life

Was this his plan all along?

From world tour announcements to setlists, RM has a talent for spoiling BTS‘s content, and PROOF is no exception.


At Day 1 of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA, RM alluded to BTS’s new anthology album during his ment speech. At the time, fans had no idea that “proof” would be the name of BTS’s next release. That, however, might not be the only hint RM dropped.

You guys are the proof of our existence. Our value, our breath, our love, our peace. [. . .] So we were the bullet and you guys were our proof.

— RM

Today, BTS released the tracklist for CD2 of PROOF. Like CD1, it includes over a dozen past songs and one brand new track.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Track 1, “Run BTS” shares the same name as BTS’s popular variety show, Run BTS. As many fans have pointed out, that might not be a coincidence. In fact, “Run BTS” could be a direct tie-in to the show.


01 “Run BTS”

— Tracklist for CD2

Last January, Run BTS aired its 124th episode. In it, each BTS member brainstormed ideas that could be incorporated into future Run BTS episodes. RM suggested a “Lucky Lucky Seven” special episode, making Run BTS fan merch…

…and a Run BTS original soundtrack.

Run BTS/Weverse

RM’s creative process for the theme song would be fun yet sentimental. He envisioned his members bringing “meaningful” instruments or possessions to the recording session.

This is my first idea. It’s similar to V’s. It’s to make Run BTS original soundtrack. We’ve released 100 episodes, but we don’t have any original soundtrack. Poor, BTS. You can bring your favorite musical instruments or objects, like a desk or a meaningful mic. We need a program to record it. With a laptop, we’ll make a theme song.

— RM

If “Run BTS” is a theme song, did it turn out the way RM had planned? For now, all we know is that RM, SugaJ-Hope, and Jungkook were directly involved in creating “Run BTS,” and fans can’t wait to hear it!