Fans Roasted RM For These “Seoul Town Road” Lyrics, But The Joke’s On Them

A little mix up led to a legendary “Seoul Town Road” meme.

ARMYs had a blast roasting their “president”, RM, but now he’s getting the last laugh!


On July 25, Lil Nas X and RM dropped “Seoul Town Road”, a remix of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”. Half of this country/hip-hop song’s lyrics were written by RM, entirely in English.


One line in RM’s second verse is making some fans marvel at his cleverness, and others laugh. RM raps about “homis”, traditional Korean hand hoes, but “homi” is also a homonym for “homie” (slang for “friend”). There are at least seven different kinds of “homi” and seven BTS members. This wordplay, however, isn’t the reason why ARMYs threw a meme party.


When the song first dropped, many ARMYs misheard “I got the homis in my bag” as “I got the homies the back”.

I got the homis in my bag (Yeah)
Have you heard of that? (Yeah)
Homis made of steel, from Korea, they the be-e-est
Ridin’ to the farm (Huh)
Grabbin’ all the corn (Huh)
We gon’ get yo’ money with my homi in your backyard

— RM (Verse 2 of “Seoul Town Road”)


These misheard lyrics trended on Twitter…


…and inspired many yeehaw-tastic memes. Since RM doesn’t have a driver’s license, he would be the “homie” riding in the back!


Fans are now realizing that the joke’s on them…


…but it’s too late to change anything. “Homies in the back” is now part of ARMY history!


Check out “Seoul Town Road” here: