BTS Receive Special Shoutout In New K-Drama “Sh**ting Stars”

The writers are ARMY offscreen and onscreen!

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It seems that no K-Drama premieres these days without mention of BTS! This spring, BTS were mentioned in Business Proposal, Our Blues, and My Liberation Notes. Now, the latest K-Drama to shout out to the group is the brand new drama Sh**ting Stars. 

From left: V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, and RM of BTS. | HYBE

The latest K-Drama to premiere is tvN‘s Sh**ting Stars (also known as Shooting Stars), starring model, actress, and singer Lee Sung Kyung and actor Kim Young Dae as PR team leader Oh Han Byeol and A-list actor Gong Tae Sung, respectively.

Oh Han Byul leads an entertainment agency’s PR team. One of her top clients is star Gong Tae Sung who does no wrong. They went to the same university, where he became her sworn enemy. They bicker but soon develop feelings for one another.

— IMDb

Lee Sung Kyung (left) and Kim Young Dae (right) in Sh**ting Stars poster.

After much anticipation, it finally premiered its first episode on Friday, April 22, and the second on Saturday, April 23. It is in Episode 2 that BTS are mentioned.

As the K-Drama focuses on those who work in public relations, Episode 2 delves into the “battle of the stars” as celebrity actors and their management teams compete to score their roles in dramas and films. So, when Gong Tae Sung contemplates turning down the male lead role in the highly anticipated project The World of Stars, everyone is looking for the actor they represent to take the role instead.

| tvN via Rakuten Viki

Park Ho Young (Kim Yoon Hye) is a manager out to prove herself against the competition. In her attempts to help her actor, Jang Seok Wu, score the part, she researches details about the writer, Shin Yoon Hee, behind the project. It turns out that the fictional writer reflects the IRL writer as they are both ARMY!

| tvN via Rakuten Viki

Reading an article, she finds out that Yoon Hee, unfortunately, failed to obtain BTS concert tickets, much to her dismay. We can certainly all relate to that struggle!

This gives Park Ho Young a brilliant idea. If she can score some BTS tickets and gift them to Yoon Hee, her actor would certainly get the part.

So, Ho Young calls her ex-boyfriend to ask if he still works at “that company.” Her follow-up question is if he can assist her in obtaining BTS tickets…

BTS are briefly mentioned again later in the episode, but we don’t want to give out too much of the outcome! So, you need to check it out.

ARMYs are loving the subtle references to BTS in K-Dramas these days, especially considering maknae Jungkook is an avid K-Drama watcher himself!


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