BTS’s Staff Gets A Taste Of Their Own Medicine On “Run BTS!” 

Revenge has never tasted so sweet.

The Run BTS! staff has front-row seats to all the ridiculous challenges they put BTS through, but they got a taste of their own medicine this week!

In episodes 131 and 132, BTS endured never-ending splash attacks while arguing unwinnable debates, all for the sake of entertainment. The winner of the wet and wild challenge won a stay in THE PLAZA‘s presidential suite, but what about the loser’s penalty?

In a way, the last two episodes were nothing but penalties for BTS. Since the members had already suffered so much, the staff announced that one of their own would get water bombed instead.

At first, J-Hope couldn’t believe his ears; it was just too good to be true.

Three, two, one — best prize ever!

For more, check out how fans reacted to seeing shirtless here and Jungkook‘s antics below:

Prankster Jungkook Gets Revenge On His BTS Hyungs