BTS’s Stage Presence Can Be Taught? Suga Unveils The Group’s Secret

This is how they got where they are.

When it comes to BTS’s artistry, one of the first things that most people would think of is their impeccable stage presence. Even during their concert in Busan last October, the septet proved that despite being a decade-old group, there is hardly anyone who could match the way they dominate a stage.

BTS performing in Busan | NME

Here are just a few examples from countless live performances of BTS that essentially substantiate this claim:

But what makes BTS such powerful performers? Mostly their synchronization and undefeatable stage presence. And according to Suga and Jimin, they had to spend long hours crafting these skills.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

The duo appeared as guests recently on Yoo Jae Suk’s YouTube show Just An Excuse, where they candidly talked about different life experiences. Suga even took this opportunity to “expose” the ex-CEO of HYBE, Bang Si Hyuk!

Suga And Jimin “Expose” Bang Si Hyuk For How He Treated BTS As Trainees

The conversation graduated towards how hard Bang PD pushed BTS to train, to the extent that they were practicing synchronizing their hand movements and even the direction of their eyeballs! As the host and the other guests audibly exclaimed at that, Suga went further and explained just how rigorous their training process was.

One of the biggest strengths of a live performer is to be able to continue after unavoidable mishaps on stage. This can include wardrobe malfunctions, minor accidents, or technical glitches. As power performers, every BTS member has proven adept at handling these adverse situations. According to Suga, that ability came from practice as well.

During their training, BTS would practice different simulations of all possible mistakes or accidents that can happen on stage. Suga elaborated that they would simulate situations where someone’s hat might fall off on stage or shoelaces get untied and practice how to handle that without stopping the performance or breaking synchronization.

The other guests were visibly taken aback at the level of detailing that went into BTS’s training, with Jee Seok Jin concluding that “They haven’t become BTS easily.”


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