BTS’s Suga Won’t Take “No” For An Answer, Continuing To Ask Jimin To Be His Concert Guest

Say yes, Jimin!

BTS‘s Suga is not giving up on Jimin joining him on his upcoming tour.

Suga (left) and Jimin (right)

In February, BIGHIT MUSIC announced Suga would be the first BTS member to embark on a solo world tour.

Yet, his solo tour might not be so solo after all. Suga has a member in mind that he would like to join him on tour.

When Jimin guested on Suga’s YouTube show Suchwita to promote his solo album FACE, Suga proposed that his BTS member guest to perform their song “Tony Montana” together.

Jimin was hesitant to agree, so Suga continued to ask him to join him on tour.

Jimin reacted to the news of his song “Like Crazy” topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which makes him the first and only Korean artist to do so, via Weverse. His members, J-Hope and Suga, replied to his post, celebrating with him. Suga’s comment was more than a simple “congratulations,” though. He referred to Jimin as not only a “Billboard Hot 100 #1 singer” but “concert guest.”

We hope this means that Jimin will really join Suga on his tour!


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