BTS Suga’s Recent Pictures “Revive The Classics,” Proving His Swoon-Worthy Visuals Are Timeless

ARMY are trending two classics.

ARMY are eagerly waiting for BTS Suga‘s photo folio pictures after having been most recently stunned by V‘s cinematic shots. Some ARMY even suspect that, like V, Suga may have already spoiled some of the upcoming pictures.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

But even though ARMY are waiting for the photo folio’s release, Suga made sure his fans were well-fed with new content, uploading some new pictures to Instagram that left fans at a loss for words.

| @agustd/Instagram
| @agustd/Instagram
| @agustd/Instagram

Because of Suga’s unexpected outfit in the pictures, some fans suspect that these new pictures might also be a teaser for his upcoming photo folio or a magazine shoot.

Inspired by the comment that Jin left on Jimin‘s live broadcast, teasing his friend about his hair…

| Weverse

ARMY started trending “Beethoven sunbaenim.”

But other ARMY noticed more of a resemblance between Suga’s dashing looks and the classic Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice character, Mr. Darcy.

There’s certainly no denying that, whatever the era, Suga’s visuals are swoon-worthy.

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BTS Suga’s Trending New Look Draws An Unexpected Comparison


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