BTS Suga’s Brother Gives Updates About Suga’s Health And Holly

He updated fans about Suga’s recovery.

BTS‘s Suga recently underwent surgery to treat chronic shoulder pain. According to his members, his family, and Suga himself, the recovery process is going well.

Suga’s brother Min Geumjae (left) with Suga (right) | @goldjay89/Instagram

Back in his trainee days, Suga injured his shoulder in a car accident while working as a delivery boy. Although his initial injury healed years ago, Suga has continued to experience discomfort from it that recently worsened.

Suga’s shoulder injury, illustrated in “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” MV | BANGTANTV/Youtube

Since my job is to perform on stage, I underwent rehabilitation and got shots in hopes that I could just avoid surgery. But it kept getting worse every time I got up on stage, and that made me afraid.

— Suga

After much consideration, Suga opted to address the pain surgically and is now taking a rest from promotions to give himself time to heal.

I’m sorry to my members since I can’t participate in our upcoming activities for the time being, and I’m also sorry to our ARMY. I’m really sad… I’ll be away for a bit to recover, but I’ll be back soon! It won’t be long! I’m sorry again, and thank you, ARMY!

— Suga

Today, Jimin and Suga’s older brother Min Geumjae (@goldjay89) both gave updates about his condition. On Instagram, Min Geumjae shared an image from Naver of Robot Taekwon V, a classic Korean animated film about a superhero robot.

| @goldjay89/Instagram

In the caption, he wrote, “He’s recovering well. He must be a stronger man than I am. I admire him. Source: Naver.”

Min Geumjae also updated fans about their family dog, Holly. “Holly went to Daegu today,” he wrote. “but I ended up looking at the stuffed animal on the ground and thought it was Holly. I miss him already.”

It could be a while until fans see Suga on stage again, but they’re cheering for him each step of the way.


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