BTS’s Suga Updates Fans On His Condition Following Shoulder Surgery

He posted a personal letter for fans.

It has just been revealed that BTS‘s Suga underwent shoulder surgery due to pain, and he kept it a secret from fans in hopes not to worry them.

Shortly following the news, Suga took to his Weverse account to apologize and thank his fans for their concern.

Hello, this is Suga. Many people have been worried after the announcement, and for that, I’m sorry and really grateful to fans…!

— Suga

Suga went on to reassure fans that the surgery went well and even explained in his words regarding what happened.

Luckily, the surgery went well. I’m experiencing some pain right now, but I feel relieved inside. Since my job is to perform on stage, I underwent rehabilitation and got shots in hopes that I could just avoid surgery. But it kept getting worse every time I got up on stage, and that made me afraid.

— Suga

Although he tried to avoid surgery, Suga decided it was for the best after much consideration.

Out of the four hospitals I went to, three of them recommended I get the surgery, so I decided to do it… (I really gave it a lot of thought…!

— Suga

Lastly, he apologized to his fellow members and fans once again and promised to return soon.

I’m sorry to my members since I can’t participate in our upcoming activities for the time being, and I’m also sorry to our ARMY. I’m really sad… I’ll be away for a bit to recover, but I’ll be back soon! It won’t be long! I’m sorry again, and thank you, ARMY!

— Suga


Source: The Qoo