BTS’s Suga Surprises Lucky ARMY With Luxurious Gifts At His “D-DAY: Movie Night”

“I just wanna live my life as a karmy.”

After concluding his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US, BTS‘s Suga returned to South Korea on May 19 and “brought back an old rumor” thanks to an accessory.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

And on May 20, he held his highly anticipated D-DAY: Movie Night with 350 lucky fans.

Fans lucky enough to attend loved every bit of the special night, from admiring Suga’s real-life visuals…

To his incredible performances.

But aside from just being able to spend time with Suga, fans shared the incredible gifts that Suga had prepared for his fans. Along with perfectly thematic invitations…

| @daiIyminsuga/Twitter
| @daiIyminsuga/Twitter

Including a photocard and a message referencing the opening line of BTS’s song “Dope.”

| @daiIyminsuga/Twitter

Welcome. First time with SUGA’s Movie Night?

— Suga’s letter

Fans also got special D-DAY-themed pins and a Valentino fragrance spray.

| @MINSUGAHQ/Twitter
| @MINSUGAHQ/Twitter

ARMY admired the luxurious gifts and were reminded of how both RM and Jimin gave fans who supported their solo schedule personalized gifts. BTS as a group even gave the sweetest and most romantic gifts to ARMY, who attended their “Yet To Come” stages.

With Suga having also given ARMY special, personalized gifts, there’s absolutely no denying that BTS truly treasure their fans.


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