BTS’s Suga Has A Gift For ARMYs During His Birthday Weverse Live

He had a few surprises up his sleeve!

BTS‘s Suga recently held a special birthday Weverse live broadcast to spend part of his 30th birthday with ARMYs, and ended up being the one to give fans a few unexpected gifts.

BTS’s Suga during his birthday Weverse live | @Slvhope/Twitter

The birthday Weverse live kept ARMYs entertained for over 45 minutes with funny and chaotic moments, life updates, and hilarious “interruptions” from fellow BTS members.

Suga kept viewers on their toes, showing off unexpected talents, introducing his cat balloon, nominating a fellow BTS member for a TikTok challenge, and more.

Suga presenting his cat balloon | @borahe_pty/Twitter

Suga has had a few surprises up his sleeve for ARMYs lately. The multi-talented BTS member has been busy preparing for his upcoming world tour, SUGA | Agust D, making him the first BTS member to have his own solo tour.

He surprised ARMYs by announcing his tour on February 14, and when tickets went on sale in March, his U.S. tour dates sold out in minutes.

He continued with the surprises during his live broadcast, including showing off his incredible guitar skills while unexpectedly serenading ARMYs.

While Suga has shown his talent for playing the guitar before, ARMYs were surprised when he effortlessly started to sing at the same time.

Another gift to ARMYs was an exclusive sneak preview of his photo-folio, Wholly or Whole Me, which is just beginning to arrive for fans who pre-ordered the photobook.

For those who hadn’t yet ordered Wholly or Whole Me, Suga had a gift. During the live broadcast, he held a copy of the photobook in his hands, hilariously paging through it while ARMYs eagerly waited to catch a glimpse of the pages.

Suga didn’t disappoint when he picked out a few of his favorite photos to excitedly show fans, seeming shy to introduce photos of his adorable poses.

While the live broadcast alone was enough of a gift for ARMYs, many appreciated the preview of his photo-folio and the many surprises he had in store during the live.

As for Suga himself, he had only one wish for his birthday, showcasing his heartwarming personality. Check out more on that in the article below!

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