BTS’s Suga Is Actually The Same Age As Jin For 9 Months Of The Year — So Why Does He Call Him “Hyung?”

His reasons make sense!

BTS‘s RM recently sat down with Suga for Episode 1 of his new YouTube series “Suchwita” where the two discussed everything from funny behind-the-scenes moments to the future of BTS.

RM discussed his solo album Indigo, describing it as a representation and archive of his twenties. This quickly launched a discussion of age as the two debated their exact ages according to the international and (rumored to soon be abolished) Korean age systems.

Suga revealed a fact that may not have crossed many ARMY’s minds: Though Suga refers to the oldest member Jin as his hyung, they are technically the same age for nine months of the year! The months from December to March are the only period of time where they have different ages.

RM hilariously suggested they drop the honorifics which wasn’t met with the best response!

Can you call him as if he’s the same age as you, then? ‘Hey! Jin! You good?’

— RM

Suga shut RM down by staying he “must stay polite” — Just check out the flawless editing of Jin’s sudden appearance that show what might happen in that situation!

During Bon Voyage Season 2, Suga suggested just that and it didn’t go as planned. Jin jokingly dared him to try and see what might happen!

Maybe they are best as hyung and dongsaeng!


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