BTS’s Suga Likely To Enlist In Public Service, Being The Only Member Excluded From Active Duty

It is due to his shoulder.

BTS’s Suga will likely be enlisting in public service for his mandatory military service and would be the only BTS member to not serve active duty due to his shoulder injury.

According to a report from Ilgan Sports, Suga has postponed his military service until the end of 2023. By law, he has to enlist by December 31, 2023. Like Jin, he has been approved by the Military Manpower Association to postpone his enlistment until 30 years of international age. When Suga does enlist, he will likely be assigned as a public service worker and work in a government office during his military service.

Back in November 2020, Suga secretly underwent surgery to correct a tear in his left shoulder labrum. However, the military authorities have stated that even if an individual is placed into the public service sector for their military service, they are allowed to serve active duty if they wish.

Jin has enlisted as of December 13. Suga must enlist by the end of 2023, RM and J-Hope by the end of 2025, Jimin and V by the end of 2026, and Jungkook by the end of 2028.

BIGHIT MUSIC has stated that it is difficult to confirm the report of Suga’s enlistment status.

It is difficult to confirm [the report from Ilgan Sports].

Both the company and the members hope BTS can promote as a full group in 2025.


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Source: Ilgan Sports and TV Report


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