Suga Leaves BTS Shook With His Philosophical Side And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

No lies detected.

There are two types of people: People who can quickly answer personality quizzes and people who sit and ponder the meaning, context, and true answer of every question like BTS‘s Suga!

During BTS’s latest MBTI personality test, Suga couldn’t help but clarify the context and specific details for every single question.

Creating new scenarios that applied to the BTS members’ lives, he turned the question about taking notes for school into creating music…

…and was in between answers for how long he waits to reconcile with a friend.

Even on the most simple of questions, “How often do you clean your room?,” Suga searched for the middle ground.

I could feel like it regularly. … It depends on how you interpret it.

— Suga

The others had finally had enough with Suga’s overthinking!

Yoongi, you’re too philosophical! He keeps twisting the questions, this is just MBTI!


Hilariously pestering him about his philosophical side, Suga’s shy expression melted ARMY’s heart.

However, he had to chime back in one last time during the shrimp peeling debate with some cold, hard facts!

Hey, he’s just coming at the questions from a logical perspective!

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