The BTS Suga Mystery That Might Never Be Solved

It’s a secret, for now.

Whether it’s in fiction or in real life, BTS loves to keep fans guessing. Now, there’s a new mystery for fans to ponder, and only Suga can solve it!


In an interview with GQ Korea magazine, Suga answered questions about himself, his music, and more. One question was about an artwork he made in May 2020.

During a YouTube live session, Suga painted “Morning,” a work that combines visual art with audio waveform. Suga recorded his thoughts from the morning, printed the waveform, and transferred it onto his painting.

GQ Korea asked Suga what some fans have been long been wondering, “What are the words that you expressed through audio waveforms, which you screen-printed onto your painting ‘Morning’?” 

Suga has decided to keep that a secret for the painting’s would-be owner. “They’re written on the back of the canvas,” he replied. “If someone ever gets the painting, only they will be able to read them.”

Do those words hold a special meaning for Suga? Again, he answered vaguely; “They do if you think they’re special, but they don’t if you don’t think they’re special.”

Dear “Morning’s” future owner, please let us in on the secret!

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Source: GQ Korea

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