BTS’s Suga Updates ARMYs On His Muscles…And He’s Caught In A Lie

He’s such a humble king!

It’s about time for HYBE to close the gyms, especially for BTS‘s Suga!

As a lover of fitness, Suga always gets his body moving at the gym.

ARMYs have witnessed him get his gym on during BTS’s busy touring schedules…

…and even during their time on In The Soop.

Most recently, he updated fans through a live broadcast that he’s still on his exercise grind!

However, fans couldn’t believe one word of what he said next!

I’m not getting that muscular. It might be because I’m kind of on a diet.

— Suga

Suga might not see his own muscle growth, but fans are loving his recent fit physique!

Suga at Muster Sowoozoo

He shows that hard work certainly pays off!