BTS’s Suga Answers Whether He Lets His Parents Listen To His Swearing In Songs

“…There are so many swears.” ๐Ÿ˜‚

LA Times recently released a brand new interview with Suga his solo career and the future of BTS.

BTS’s Suga | Marie Claire

He discussed how the BTS members are like a family to him and even revealed whether or not the boys can get competitive with each other in their solo achievements.

He also talked about his real family, including his mom and dad. Over the years, fans have learned how meaningful his parents are to him.

377. Suga once discovered his parents in the audience and bowed towards them and started crying mid-kneel.

— @BTSTMI130613/Twitter

Previously, Suga’s parentsย disapproved of his dream, but overtime, they have come to understand how important his career path is to him.

Suga’s parents are such important figures and his and BTS’s lives that the members frequently mention his dad and love to imitate him!

In the new interview, he answered how he feels when his parents listen to his swearing in his music as Agust D.

I donโ€™t actually let my parents listen to my music before itโ€™s released because thereโ€™s so many swear words. *Laugh*

— Suga

His Agust D songs tend to have more cussing than BTS’s music.

My parents only listen to BTS songs. Things are good with us.

— Suga

Even a BTS member can still feel shy in front of his parents! Check out more from his interview below.

Suga Spills If The BTS Members Get Competitive With Each Other

Source: LA Times


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