BTS’s Suga Had The Perfect Response To People Who Didn’t Think The Group Belonged At The UN General Assembly

ARMYs couldn’t agree more!

BTS once again made history as they participated at the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York! The group gained praise from fans worldwide for their meaningful speech and their dazzling visuals.

The members of BTS at the UN General Assembly | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Yet, if their schedule wasn’t hectic enough, the group still found time to sit down and chat with ARMYs, even if their internet didn’t want to cooperate with the members.


As well as talking about meeting Megan Thee Stallion and reacting to Jungkook taking off his socks, the members discussed what happened during the event itself. In particular, Suga spoke about how so many ARMYs had watched the live stream to support them.

We are just speakers. During the interview, the interviewer said that for previous sessions there was a limited number of views. But because we came, the number of views went up. They talked about it a lot.

— Suga


Suga then spoke about the fact that, before the appearance, some people had questioned why BTS had been invited, considering they are singers rather than politicians.

At first, people were like, ‘Aren’t you a singer? Why would you go there? What would you do?’ We are aware of that, and we came for that role. We are here to support SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). We came here to do that as special envoys.

— Suga


He then explained that he didn’t mind what people thought because they were there to support an important issue. He added, “You don’t need to have a bias,” referring to the fact that people didn’t have to look at their appearance through rose-tinted glasses or a biased viewpoint.

After the broadcast, fans couldn’t stop praising Suga’s comments and that the group is focused on using their influence for good, and that the negativity will not impact them continuing to do so!

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: VLIVE