BTS’s Suga Destroyed A Vest With His Back Muscles…Dang

It was no match for his power.

Move over, Hulk, there’s a new powerhouse in town!

Comeback season is officially full swing, and that means Big Hit Entertainment is flooding ARMY with BTS content.

(For the love of Bangtan, slow down! We only have two eyes!)

One of BangtanTV‘s six new behind the scenes videos is from KBS‘s 2019 Gayo Daechukje (Song Festival). In follows BTS as they prepare to perform “Go Go”, “Dionysus”, “Boy With Luv”, and more.

Every performance that night was powerful, and Suga‘s outfit couldn’t handle it. Backstage, Jin pointed out his friend’s vest, or rather, what was left of it.

The back of Suga’s vest was split open from his shoulders to his waist. How did it happen? “I busted it open with my back muscles,” he joked.

Jin was impressed…

…and it’s safe to say that fans are too!

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