Suga’s Second Tattoo? ARMYs Might Have Discovered New Ink On The BTS Member

Suga’s new tattoo mystery?

On August 6, BTS‘s Suga wrapped up his solo tour with the last encore concert in Seoul. The final show saw some special surprise moments, including Jin and J-Hope in the audience, a guest appearance by RM, and a grand reveal of Suga’s “7” tattoo!

Last year, the BTS members revealed that they got a matching “7” tattoo to commemorate their friendship, and all but Suga shared photos of it. Since then, fans have been on a scavenger hunt to figure out where he got his tattoo, and he has had his share of fun teasing fans with it.

So, when Suga finally showed the tattoo on his shoulder, it was a big deal for ARMYs. It was also emotional for them, seeing how he got inked right above what appeared to be a surgical scar on his shoulder from the surgery in 2020 to repair his torn shoulder labrum. He sustained the injury in 2012 when he got into a car accident while working as a delivery boy. So, getting this tattoo on the same spot where he got hurt so badly in the past was a meaningful action that fans immediately recognized.

Just a few days after this reveal, ARMYs are speculating that the rapper might have gotten a second tattoo after finishing his tour. The suspected tattoo is a simple black dot on his index finger. Fans noticed it in the photos shared by the official Twitter account of BTS from the last two days of Suga’s encore Seoul concerts. It was also caught on camera during his live broadcast after the final show on August 6.

However, in the photo where Suga posed with Jimin, who was a surprise guest performer on day 2 of the Seoul concerts, the dot is not visible on his hand. This has created some uncertainty about the tattoo’s existence. Some also feel it might be a mole or a scab.

But the possibility of Suga getting a simple dot tattooed on his body is not too low. In a 2016 interview with Grazia, the interviewer had asked him if he would ever get a tattoo and where. In response, Suga said he would get a dot on his toe. Explaining his choice, the rapper said, “I’m trying to minimize the visibility, but I don’t know yet. I could change my mind and tattoo my whole back next year.”

Though tattoo designs and their meanings are often subjective, there are some common associations made with certain designs. A single dot tattoo has multiple interpretations, including continuity or a “full stop” to denote the end of a phase and the beginning of a new one. Fans are leaning towards believing that if the tattoo is indeed real, Suga chose the design for the philosophical implications behind it. To them, it seems like an extension of him ending his tour by walking out of the very door that signified his past traumas in the “Amygdala” music video.

Though the speculations came a few days ago, it is yet to be clear whether the black dot on his finger is a mole, a tattoo, or something else.