BTS’s Suga Goes In-Depth About The Emotional Lyrics Of “Tear” During “Suchwita”

This is heartbreaking.

Recently, BTS‘s V appeared on Suga‘s Suchwita where he talked about his dreams for the future, funny moments from the past, and more.

BTS’s V and Suga | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Right before the release of “Fake Love” in 2018, the group faced a difficult period.

The members thought they had to write a song about the hardships they had endured at the time.

Many people may interpret the lyrics of “Tear” as a breakup song, but Suga confirmed it was indeed a message to the members from each other.

Written by Suga, J-Hope, and RM, the song represents a time when the members thought they were going to disband.

The lyrics feel different when you know the true meaning!

Following this difficult period, Suga had his own way of cheering up the members. Check out more below.

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