BTS’s Staff Uses ARMY’s Inside Jokes And Memes To Celebrate Suga’s Birthday

They know exactly what the fandom is up to.

Today, ARMYs around the globe are celebrating BTS Suga‘s 29th birthday. Suga kicked off the celebrations with an early live broadcast, in which he trolled fans, shared a few fun facts, helped an ARMY make a very important decision, and more.

BTS’s Suga | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Ahead of the broadcast, BTS’s staff decorated Suga’s workspace with Suga photos, a birthday banner, and cat balloons.

Why cats? Years ago, fans gave Suga one of his many nicknames, Lil Meow Meow, because of how feline his appearance and personality are.

He even has cat-like reflexes!

| Weverse

Staff went the extra mile to make Suga’s birthday sweet with this cat-shaped cake inspired by an adorable ARMY meme.

They even included Suga’s yellow sunglasses.


Suga said that he hasn’t been eating treats lately, in order to prepare his body for the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts, but he plans to share the cake with his members.

It’s so cute. I feel kind of bad cutting it.

— Suga

“Lil Meow Meow” wasn’t the only ARMY joke BTS’s staff used to celebrate Suga Day. On Twitter, fans were quick to notice one particular hashtag on Suga’s birthday tweet: #YoongKiWillYouMarryMe.

Every time BTS hosts a live broadcast, fans flood the comment section with marriage proposals. Sometimes it happens when Suga isn’t even there!

Keep the birthday fun going with these Suga facts:

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