ARMY Are Swooning Over BTS Suga’s Response To Young Fans’ Concerns About Their Age Gap

We love a man who sets boundaries!

During a recent live stream, BTS‘s Suga caught up with fans to talk about everything from his tattoo to Lollapalooza.

Reading comments from ARMY, one thing lead to another as younger fans began asking him about what he thinks of having large age gaps with them.

(Reading comment) ‘What about a 17-year age gap?’

— Suga

Suga’s prompt response after shaking his head is both hilarious and precious — and shows how much he wants the little ones to stay focused on what really matters!

So you’re an elementary schooler… please attend elementary school~

— Suga

We can talk just fine once you become a bit older. A student should act like a student.

— Suga

Another ARMY who was a bit older had a similar concern, and Suga also gave them a prompt answer.

If it’s a 9 years age gap… seems like you’re 21. So you must be a college student. Work hard at school.

— Suga

Perhaps the cutest comment of all came from an 11-year-old ARMY who asked Suga if she can call him “ahjussi,” a term used for older men or uncles.

Please call me ‘ahjussi.’ I’m.. I’m comfortable with that.

— Suga

Suga’s endearing responses show just how much “fatherly” love and respect he has for fans of all ages!