BTS Suga’s Sweet Gesture Towards His Members In His Solo Vlog Proves Again BTS Are Inseparable

Another day, another ot7 moment making ARMYs cry.

Keeping the “BTS member talks about his members in his solo vlog” streak intact, Suga also brought up his six best friends in his recently released vlog.

For his individual vlog, Suga went to a woodcarving workshop and decided to make cutting boards. After confirming the shape, he asked his instructor how many boards he could make in three to four hours, since he was planning to gift them to his members.

With the ambitious goal to make a total of seven cutting boards, Suga went straight to work- sawing, shaping, smoothening pieces of wood and then engraving the boards with his surname, Min.

The instructor noted that it might be difficult to finish seven boards by himself and very generously stepped in to help. Thankfully, Suga was able to finish the task on time.

Even while learning the process, Suga could not help talking about his members. He told the instructor that when all the members used to live together, he would build and assemble all the furniture in their shared house!

The image of all seven members of BTS having matching cute little whale-shaped cutting boards in their kitchens is enough to make a grown person cry. Add to that the fact that whales are also representative figure of ARMYs for the boys and now you have enough reason to shed tears for two nights three days straight.

You can watch the full vlog here: