The Mystery Of BTS’s Sunflowers Has Finally Been Solved

After months of waiting, fans finally have the answers they have been seeking.

It has been 7 months, but The Strange Case of the Sunflowers is finally closed!

On June 10, 2019, BTS‘s SugaJin, and J-Hope strolled through Incheon Airport with their flashiest accessories yet – sunflower headpieces.

At the time, fans rightly assumed the sunflowers were a game penalty from Run BTS!. They eagerly waited, and waited, and waited for this episode. As weeks became months, it seemed like the story behind these flower boys would never be told.

In Episode 94 of Run BTS!, fans finally got answers!

In a previous episode, J-Hope was given an outdoor penalty, but since the weather was unfavorable, the staff changed it. Instead, he was included in the “trendy” item penalty Jin and Suga had yet to do from the last time BTS played “BTS Gayo”.

What was that trendy item? This sunflower!

J-Hope said the sunflower looked cute, and he couldn’t be more right.

Who wouldn’t want to grow these sunflower boys in their garden?

Mystery solved!

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