It’s Been 6 Months, But This BTS Mystery Is Still Unsolved

2019 is nearly over, but fans are still waiting for answers.

There’s nothing that fan theorists love more mysteries, and BTS has plenty!


BTS’s music videos have inspired countless theories, but so have their real-life moments. Some of these ‘real mysteries’, like Suga‘s university visit, have been solved.


Others, like “What’s tasty in Busan?” might never be.


But what about ‘The Strange Case of the Sunflowers‘? Six months ago, on June 10, 2019, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope strolled through Incheon Airport with their flashiest accessories yet – sunflower headpieces.


At the time, many fans assumed the sunflowers were a punishment for losing a Run BTS! game.


Many Run BTS! episodes have aired since June, but so far the sunflowers have vanished without a trace.


Will they appear once Bon Voyage 4 ends and Run BTS! returns? Only time will tell!


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