BTS’s V Achieves Another First As The First K-Pop Idol To Have A Birthday Ad In Forbes Magazine

And it’s all thanks to ARMY!

BTS‘s V has shown time and time again that he is not just a K-Pop idol. He’s a performer, an artist, an actor, a model, and so much more and ARMYs love to appreciate the 26-year old Daegu-born singer every chance they get.

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It’s nothing new for fansites to splurge and treat their idols to big birthday projects. Just this past year Jungkook received birthday wishes that could be seen from the sky, while Jimin got his face put on a whole airplane for his birthday.

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Earlier this year, V’s Chinese fanbase called CHINA Baidu Vbar set a new record for the fastest fundraising event of all Chinese K-Pop fanbases.

Their official Twitter account shared that they had raised $842,500 USD in just an hour. Fans were excitedly anticipating what the fanbase would be splurging on for V’s birthday projects this year, and now that it’s December the secret’s out!


V’s birthday advertisement will be in the December issue of Forbes Magazine—a first for a K-Pop idol (but then again, BTS are kings of achieving firsts).

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On December 3rd, Baidu Vbar announced that they would be funding the full-page birthday ad on the American business and economic magazine. According to Forbes’ Media Kit, their full page print ads start at $50,000 USD! The December issue of Forbes is set to come out on December 14th.

The Chinese fanbase shared that they thought Forbes to be a proper fit as the most prestigious financial business journal in the United States so that they may “inform various business stakeholders of V’s unique charm, charisma, and commercial value.”


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This wouldn’t be the first time ARMYs went all out for V’s birthday as they got the “Winter Bear” singer a birthday ad in TIME Magazine in 2020. Now it looks like he can also add Forbes to the list of birthday ads he has!

As the members all take time off for the holidays, we hope V has a happy and restful 27th birthday! Read more about their vacation below.

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