BTS’s V Reveals Why He Likes Listening To Classic Music Artists And How They Inspire Him

He loves listening to vinyl too!

Anyone who knows BTS‘s V knows he’s a fan of diverse music, especially genres like jazz. He also loves classic music artists such as Louis Armstrong. And, recently, he played even some Boyz II Men during his latest live broadcast.

BTS’s V | Weverse Magazine

His unique taste in music can also be found in BTS’s Spotify playlist “V’s Favorite Tracks” He frequently changes his favorite songs. Currently, it’s a mix of BTS’s songs with some of his own personal favorites from other artists.

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In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, interviewer Myungseok Kang commented on V’s appreciation for listening to vinyl records. He also asked if there was any particular artist that excites him right now. Not surprisingly, V said Louis Armstrong!

I was listening to Louis Armstrong’s music again. And I picked up some albums with a pretty jacket that’s also got a lot of really good hits on it.

— V

Myungseok continued the topic by asking V, “How do you feel when you’re listening to those classics?” V explained that no matter his feelings before listening to the music, it helps him to relax.

I feel like I’m beginning to relax a bit. If I listen to a song when I’m feeling depressed and then really get thinking, the things that are frustrating me disappear, and I can feel myself becoming more peaceful.

— V

V continued to explain that listening to classics inspires his creativity. As a result, it instantly helps improve a mood.

And it makes me picture things in my head. For example, some songs might make me think of seeing something in front of me while walking down the road somewhere at night when I listen to them. I think setting the mood for listeners is the most important thing. The mood will presumably be different for everyone, but for me, those songs are the ones that are good at setting a really beautiful mood in the moment.

— V

He even said that many classic artists inspire his own performances. Sammy Davis, Jr. inspired his performance in “Dynamite” and Billy Joel for “Butter.” However, he also cited several movie influences for both “Butter” and “Permission to Dance.”

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