BTS’s V Cements His Global Influence After Being Recognized By The Most Unexpected Customers During “Jinny’s Kitchen”

He’s definitely the “Maknae on Top!”

BTS‘s V has to be one of the world’s most loved and recognizable K-Pop idols.


Since debuting in 2013, the idol has gained attention for his talent, visuals, and undeniable charisma. It isn’t surprising that he has millions of fans worldwide, whether they are celebrities or just normal people.

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Yet, it never ceases to amaze fans at the scale of V’s popularity and influence, and that was on show in the recent episode of Jinny’s Kitchen (Also known as Seo Jin’s).

After the success of the first episode, netizens couldn’t wait to watch V join fellow stars Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik as they open a restaurant in Mexico.

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In the first episode, the members prepared everything they needed for the opening day, and it was finally time to open up for the first time. Despite being the intern being the lowest rank, it gave V the opportunity to be the one to open the restaurant for the first time.

When one customer came in, she seemingly knew who V was as she explained to her friend, “The other guy over there is a singer,” while looking extremely flustered. When asked if she recognized him, she said he was from a group.

If that person wasn’t lucky enough to see V, they then got to interact with the idol. While V adorably tried to speak Spanish, Seo Jin quickly pointed out that they spoke English.

Rather than being from Mexico, although the two could understand Spanish, they were from Amsterdam.

While the first customer who recognized V was an ARMY, even the most unexpected visitors knew the idol. During the episode, a group of three men sat at the table and watched V making food with Jung Yu Mi.

As soon as the camera panned to the man, he also explained, “That man over there is a singer,” and when asked if it was the man with the bandana, he replied “Yes.”

When asked if he was very famous, one of the men instantly said, “Yes,” as V was with Jang Yu Mi.

Like many ARMYs already know, one of the men couldn’t avoid V’s visuals and hilariously asked, “He looks very handsome. Is that why?” While another man pointed out, “Everyone over there is good-looking.”

Unsurprisingly, no matter where V goes, he will never be anything but iconic and famous. The recent episode showcases just how influential the idol is and that even the most unexpected person will recognize V.

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