BTS’s V Defined “Handsome” And Suga’s Response Was A Whole Mood

V’s life lesson turned into a comedy show, thanks to Suga and Jimin.

BTS‘s V tried to give advice, but his lesson didn’t go as planned…

…because of these two.

In Episode 7 of I-LAND, BTS brought out the trainees’ inner fanboys when they showed up to explain a new mission and give out presents.

The members also encouraged the I-LANDers. K, for instance, is struggling to be confident in his looks because of how handsome the other trainees are. First of all, BTS had difficulty understanding the problem.

Suga and J-Hope assured K that he has nothing to worry about. “Even someone like me debuted,” Suga joked.

According to V, there’s more to attractiveness than looks. There’s handsomeness and then there’s charm.

You can say that because you’re already attractive and charming,” Suga interjected.

Following this unnecessary (but totally necessary) interruption, V continued his lesson. He explained that good “grooming” can create a vibe that makes people take notice of someone’s charms rather than their looks.

This time, Jimin cut in! “But you’re handsome and charming,” he said. “It’s unfair.”

“I was talking about you!” V exclaimed. In other words, you’re charming, but not handsome.  Ouch!

Jimin laughed himself right out of his chair. That “fact bomb” definitely made an impact!

Watch the video here: