BTS V’s Reflection In His Instagram Story Has ARMYs Debating If He’s Undergone A Hair Transformation

Eagle-eyed fans rush to solve the new mystery.

BTS‘s V is back with another mysterious Instagram post, but this time, it was a little more challenging to solve.

Over the last year, V followed in RM‘s footsteps as a “spoiler king,” posting clues about group and solo promotions on social media, sometimes even without knowing it.

From posting rehearsal photos from BTS’s Permission To Dance On Stage” concert in Seoul that revealed part of the anticipated concert’s setlist…

| @bts_twt/Twitter
| @bts_twt/Twitter

… to accidentally revealing ahead of their PROOF album release that BTS had a music video or photo shoot scheduled, all because he was distracted by food…

  • ARMY: Will I regret it if I eat something at this time (of the night)….
  • V: I’m eating rabokki and kimbap. We have a shoot tomorrow though 🤷🏼‍♂️

… to spoiling part of his solo photo-folio project eight months before it was released through his personal Instagram…

BTS V’s Instagram profile photo, which spoiled his solo photo-folio concept | @thv/Instagram

… and his latest Instagram post gave fans a clue about a mystery project that had ARMYs going into investigative mode.

This time, V uploaded new photos and videos to his Instagram story, and while they didn’t seem to be spoilers for upcoming projects, it did cause a stir when ARMYs noticed V with a new hair color.

In one photo, V took a picture of his beloved dog Yeontan, sitting on the dining table where two of his friends also sat.

BTS V’s Instagram story | @thv/Instagram

Eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed V’s reflection in the window and quickly pointed out that it seemed like he now had gray/silver hair.

While the photo had people speculating he had new hair color, the next slide seemed to answer ARMYs’ burning question.

The next slide was a video of V’s friend, who wore the white shirt in the previous photo. This time, the friend’s hair was past his shoulders, and V hilariously made a fan-like edit of his friend’s hair transformation.

In the video, V’s reflection can again be seen, showing that his hair is black.

Not every ARMY is convinced that the video was taken more recently than the photo though.

It seems V may have a new mystery for ARMYs to solve!

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