BTS’s V Fulfills His Promise To ARMY In Latest Instagram Story

He’s the sweetest! 💜

BTS‘s V proved once again why ARMY love and treasure him so much.

Recently, on Weverse, he responded to a fan who is missing J-Hope while he’s serving in the military.

ARMY: “Hobah, I miss you😭”

V: “Would you like me to upload a video of Hobi hyung?”

| Weverse

Soon after, V appeared on a livestream and revealed that he wasn’t able to find a suitable video to post. However, he stated that if he could find one, he may upload it eventually.

A video of Hobi! An ARMY really wanted to see one, so I was going to post one, but all of the videos, they’re all a little inappropriate, so I couldn’t upload any. So pass! I’m sorry. Even if you want to see it, I’ll post one if I find a warm video.

— V

Just a few days later, V fulfilled that promise! Today, he shared an adorable clip of him and J-Hope during BTS’s stay in Las Vegas last year. The short but sweet video is enough to capture a quick smile at dinner.

Fans love seeing the adorable duo together!

J-Hope and V | @thv/Instagram

We can always count on V for a pick-me-up!