V Said He Wants To See BTS’s Kids, And They Weren’t Ready For It

His wish for the future took his members by surprise. Big time.

V adores kids, so it’s no surprise that he’s looking forward to being an uncle to his members’ future children. Keyword: future!

At midnight on June 13 (KST), BTS celebrated their seventh anniversary with a birthday party, as part of 2020 FESTA. In it, the members re-enacted their first birthday party and shared stories, like Jimin‘s rainy day fight with Jungkook.

They also answered questions such as, “What do you want to do with other members in the future?” 

V thought about it for a moment then said something that caught his members completely off guard.

“I want to see your kids.” 

Excuse me, whatJ-Hope‘s eyes went wide and his hand flew to his mouth.

Suga and Jin sat in awkward silence…

…and RM nearly choked. Although he dreams of being a dad, he doesn’t mean right now!

Once Jin recovered from the shock, he clarified that V’s wish is for the distant, not immediate, future. Think twenty years or so.

V hopes that one day they can all get together to hang out with their sons and daughters.

Just imagine Uncle Jin telling the kids, “I had a fight with your dad fifty years ago.” 


Here’s hoping that those fun moments will be shared with ARMY, whenever the time comes!

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