BTS V’s Update Could Mean “KTH1 Is Coming” — One Sharp-Eyed Fan Notices A Convincing Pattern In BTS’s Music Releases

Will the highly-anticipated mixtape finally be released?

ARMY couldn’t be more excited for BTS‘s V to release his highly-anticipated mixtape, dubbed KTH1 by fans, and are once again hoping that a recent update might indicate that the mixtape will be released soon.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

In the past, V has opened up about his mixtape multiple times, explaining that while he’s worked on many songs, some have been deleted rather than included.

Ah lol all the songs I upload are not going on the mixtape, I deleted them after uploading it

I apologize in advance, I don’t even remember.

— V


He has also been vocal about the pressure he feels in releasing solo work and how he’s still trying to narrow down the list of “things [he wants] to try.

| @thv/Instagram


Given BTS’s current focus on solo schedules for the members, fans have suspected that KTH1, or at least more details about the release, could be announced at any moment. Especially since the versatile idol has teased that he had “to lose some weight for this [unspecified] concept.” While it’s possible V was referencing KTH1, as V has also been actively filming different shows and pictorials, this teaser could be referencing anything.

| @thv/Instagram

But fans found renewed excitement around the release of KTH1 as V’s individual Spotify, Melon, and Weverse pictures were recently updated. Although the new profile pictures do not guarantee that KTH1‘s release will be announced soon, fans are confident that at least something is coming.

While some ARMY still think it’s too early to get their hopes up (yet again) for KTH1

Many ARMY started trending “KTH1 Is Coming” to showcase their excitement.

One sharp-eyed ARMY even noticed that BTS’s profile pictures on Weverse correspond to their most recent release. Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook all have pictures from BTS’s album PROOF. While J-Hope‘s is from Jack In The Box, Jin‘s is from “The Astronaut,” and RM‘s is from Indigo. So if V is following this pattern, he very well could be the next member to release his mixtape.

Only time will tell the purpose behind the profile picture updates, but ARMY are certainly excited for whatever is coming.


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