BTS’s V Has Been Left Out Of Louis Vuitton’s Video, And Fans Are Not Happy

BTS is 7.

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton is under fire for an oversight involving BTS‘s V.

BTS’s V | Louis Vuitton

On July 9, Louis Vuitton released a short video featuring BTS in their Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 collection. As their house ambassadors, the group modeled the 34 outfits in their Seoul fashion show.

BTS | Louis Vuitton

But while most members had their time to shine, such as J-Hope





…and Jin

…V was nowhere to be found.

Despite tagging his name in the caption of the tweet itself, V was not featured in the video snapshot.

Fans immediately brought this oversight to the brand’s attention. They messaged Louis Vuitton to re-upload the video since they have “seven ambassadors but there’s only six in the video.”

They pointed out that it was “unprofessional” and unbecoming of such a high-end brand to make this mistake.

This is not the first time V was left out of promotional content featuring the entire group. He was previously not listed in the cast and crew credits of the Break The Silence movie.

Vox Cinemas also did not include him in the website cast list of Bring The Soul.

Even in award shows, he was omitted, with his face being cut off from the group photo teaser of the 2020 APAN Music Awards.

ARMYs continue to demand for justice for V until the error is fixed.

Source: Twitter