BTS V’s Manager Gains Attention From ARMYs Because Of His Visuals And Behavior Towards The Idol

ARMYs might have a new bias…

Over the years, BTS‘s managers have gained as much love as the members. For a long time, their former manager Sejin was the center of attention…

BTS’s Suga and manager Sejin
BTS’s Jungkook and manager Sejin

Yet, it seems like someone else has caught the eyes of fans, and it’s BTS V‘s manager. On November 15, V arrived at Incheon Airport to attend an unknown overseas schedule. As expected, the idol shone with his visuals and charm.

BTS’s V at Incheon Airport

Although V gained attention for his flawless visuals and personality, someone else caught the eye of the ARMYs, and it was none other than the idol’s manager.

As soon as V and his manager started walking through Incheon Airport, ARMYs couldn’t get over how handsome they both looked. With V in a leather jacket and blue jeans and the manager in a puffer jacket and black jeans, they both looked like professional models.

Yet, it wasn’t just the manager’s visuals that caught the attention of fans. As V was walking through the airport, ARMYs loved the interactions they had. At one point, while walking toward the media, V adorably leaned in and started whispering something to his manager.

When V was interacting with the media and talking about member Jungkook, the manager couldn’t take his eyes off V. In particular, when V copied Jungkook’s move from his airport arrival, netizens noticed the look of admiration in the manager’s eyes as he watched V.

V also seemed to love his manager as he had a quick interaction before showing off his football skills in front of the press.

After the video was released and shared on social media, ARMYs couldn’t get over the manager, praising him for his reaction to V but also for his handsome visuals. It seems like BTS is truly surrounded by people who genuinely care and have a good friendships with the members.

It also seems like it isn’t the first time V’s manager has been spotted being “whipped” for the idol. Users shared that the same manager always seemed to be looking at V with admiration and respect.

| @vantrated/Twitter
| @vantrated/Twitter
| @vantrated/Twitter

The managers at HYBE always seemed to catch the attention of netizens, whether it was TXT, SEVENTEEN, and other groups. There must be a requirement that managers at HYBE are as handsome and charismatic as the idols they are working with.

You can read more about V’s airport experience below.

BTS’s V Showcases His Killer Visuals And Personality Towards Reporters At Incheon Airport

Source: KOREA Dispatch

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