BTS’s V Has The Perfect Way Of Showing His Support For Jungkook’s Upcoming World Cup Appearance While At Incheon Airport

V vaguely mentioned he was meant to “depart” with Jungkook!

No matter what the members of BTS are doing, whether it’s schedules or promotions, the rest of the group always prove to be each other’s biggest fans.

Recently, BTS’s V proved to be the most supportive hyung to member Jungkook.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and V (right)

BTS’s V showcased just how much he supports Jungkook when at Incheon Airport. On November 15, V surprised fans after appearing at Incheon Airport for an overseas schedule, wowing with his killer visuals and personality.


While walking through the airport, V was communicating with reporters and, after cutely responding to one asking how he was, featuring an adorable eye smile…

V explained that he was actually supposed to depart together with Jungkook. Although he didn’t specify if it meant to the airport, to Qatar, or just to the flight, V voluntarily offered up the piece of information to reporters.

When the reporter started speaking about the World Cup, V started doing some adorable gestures, including one that looked like he was staring at something in the distance…

And then one directly linked to the World Cup as he said something to his manager before pretending to kick an imaginary ball.

The reason it was so cute was that not only did V mention Jungkook, but the actions he did were exactly what the younger member had done when he left for Qatar earlier in the day.

When Jungkook arrived at the airport for his own departure, he stole the hearts of everyone by pretending to kick an imaginary football and then looking into the distance.

When the videos were shared, netizens were obsessed with the bond between the two members. They shared just how much they loved the interactions and the fact that V had probably watched Jungkook’s departure because he copied his member perfectly.

Yet, it isn’t the first time in the past few days that V has mentioned Jungkook. The idol recently did two live broadcasts and, in the first, explained that he had been speaking with Jungkook before he went live. On the second broadcast, he revealed that he wanted to do the gaming stream with Jungkook, but he was spending time with his family before Qatar.

| Weverse

| Weverse

As always, the members of BTS prove they are more like brothers than just people in the same band. Whether V is heading off to Qatar or not, he and the rest of BTS will definitely be supporting Jungkook from wherever they are.

You can read more about V’s departure through Incheon Airport below.

BTS’s V Showcases His Killer Visuals And Personality Towards Reporters At Incheon Airport

Source: KOREA Dispatch - Jungkook and KOREA Dispatch - V

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