BTS’s Jungkook Channels His Inner Soccer Player On The Way To Qatar

Jungkook adds “soccer star” to his many talents!

BTS‘s Jungkook is officially making his way to Qatar, where he will be joining musical artists from around the globe for a performance at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 opening ceremony. The artists are expected to perform songs from the event’s soundtrack.

Fans suspected Jungkook would be involved in the FIFA World Cup after he unexpectedly traveled to Qatar on October 24 and was spotted with a camera crew and dancers as he filmed throughout the streets.

Jungkook’s October trip to Qatar | @jkcavi/Twitter

Amidst the curiosity about his schedules was recognition of the maknae‘s kind personality. As temperatures soared during the day, Jungkook thoughtfully provided water to the many ARMYs who cheered on the BTS member while he filmed.

It was expected that Jungkook would soon be flying back to Qatar after BTS’s V revealed during his recent gaming live stream that Jungkook was spending time with his parents before his trip.

Fans and media were staked out at Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center earlier today, eagerly awaiting a chance to see Jungkook off as he departed for his FIFA World Cup activities.

As what appeared to be security team members stepped out of the aviation center, the buzz of the awaiting crowd grew more excited until Jungkook’s black van pulled up to cheers and ARMYs calling his name. As soon as he stepped out of the van, Jungkook showcased his true personality by giving a 90-degree bow to ARMYs and the reporters waiting for him.

After bowing, fans may have expected him to enter the aviation center, but instead, he unexpectedly placed his bag on the ground and animatedly jogged in place.

He then ran a few steps forward and kicked an air goal, pretending to watch the “soccer ball” make it to the net.

After his successful “goal,” he adorably celebrated and sent a heart to ARMYs who couldn’t believe they had just witnessed that moment.

After his fun interaction with ARMYs, Jungkook enthusiastically waved goodbye, thoughtfully bowing repeatedly and showing his appreciation as he walked into the airport.

As quickly as the moment happened, it ended, but Jungkook gave ARMYs a fun memory that will last forever!

Source: YouTube

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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