BTS’s V Gives A Sneak Peek Into Jin’s Private Thoughts With TMI Details

What’s inside the worldwide handsome’s mind?

To celebrate the upcoming FESTA 2020, BTS members have been writing each other’s profiles for each other. And who better to write the worldwide handsome’s profile than his equally handsome brother, V?!

The youngest of the Kim Brothers pulled up his sleeve to drop some TMI details and a sneak peak into Jin‘s private thoughts!

V started off with the simplest of details that any loyal ARMY would know. But what does Jin think of his 6 younger brothers? V knew exactly what Jin thought of them and gave an inside look into their bond!

Then V dug right into the TMI details of Jin’s personal life! From Jin’s new English nickname, his signature jokes, to his daily habits… V revealed it all!

Lastly, V drew a profile photo of Jin… and TaTa? What’re you doing there on Jin’s lips?

But low key… V nailed all the important facial features to capture Jin’s worldwide handsome visuals!

Leave it to these dorky brothers to spill each other’s secrets in the best way for their ARMYs!

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Source: @BTS