BTS’s Jimin Wants To Be Jungkook’s Forever Best Friend And Soul Brother According To His Profile

BTS members are more like brothers than members.

On June 10, BTS released a “2020 BTS Profile 2” as part of 2020 FESTA and revealed profiles of the members written by each other.

Each member wrote another member’s profile to see how well they knew one another. Leader RM wrote J-Hope’s, Suga wrote RM’s, Jin wrote Jimin’s, J-Hope wrote V’s, Jimin wrote Jungkook’s, V wrote Jin’s, and Jungkook wrote Suga’s profile and Q&A.

In Jimin’s version of Jungkook’s profile, you can see clearly that he tried to make himself the favorite for the maknae. In the section for writing what Jungkook thinks about the other members, Jimin explains the other members as just brothers while his explanation stated, “The lovely Jimin hyung is my forever best friend and soul brother and precious hyung.”

You can also see in the Q&A section that he tried to add himself in there again in one of the answers. When asked to describe what Jungkook does to feel better, Jimin wrote, “listen to music, play games, see friends, or see Jimin hyung.”

Even through these fun profile games fans can see that Jimin really cares for the golden maknae and is always there for him. The last question regarding the acrostic poem, Jimin’s answer was so touching in that it shows Jimin’s true heart in wishing to continue as a group together for many more years to come.

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