J-Hope Shows Just How Well He Knows His “Sunshine” Brother V, And It’s Sure To Warm Your Heart

They may be members, but they’re like brothers first.

As part of BTS‘s FESTA celebration with ARMY for the 7th anniversary of their debut, the members took turns rewriting the profiles of heir fellow members. BTS’s resident happy virus and everlasting sunshine J-Hope was tasked with writing V‘s profile, and we must admit, these two members do share quite a few similarities (according to J-Hope, of course), and knows the younger so well that he even correctly guessed the member he most wants to take a selfie with!

J-Hope made sure to make it known that he shared V’s quirky and energetic personality when he wrote that V “does things his way” as well as making sure people knew that thinking about him was one of his favorite pastimes.

J-Hope’s Q&A section about V was full of sweet—and pretty accurate—responses. He made another connection between the two by saying that the description that best fits V is “your hope,” inspired by J-Hope’s greeting “I’m your hope.”

The hyung also made some pretty keen observations about his dongsaeng that seemed pretty accurate, especially to fans. He said that “the member I [V] think of most when I’m sick is Jiminnie” and that one of the happiest moments in his life thus far was “when I brought Yeontannie home.”

J-Hope did have fun poking at V a bit with his references to V’s OST “Sweet Night,” which was recorded for the hit TV show Itaewon Class. He mentioned it in V’s possible new nickname “on my pillow” as well as in the caption for J-Hope’s hand-drawn portrait of V.

Something somewhat surprising was that J-Hope didn’t tease V about their infamous kiss from their Rookie King: Channel Bangtan as well as the shocking information that was later revealed about the kiss, a moment that will forever be engraved in the minds of ARMY:

It’s clear that J-Hope really knows V, which isn’t surprising of the “sunshine line” elder. He showed that he genuinely treasures V and is very proud of how far he’s come and that that he’s hoping for many more years together full of happiness and hope.

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Source: BTS Official Facebook