BTS’s Jungkook Wrote Suga’s Profiles For FESTA And They’re Pretty Accurate

The Maknae knows his Suga hyung!

On June 10, BTS released a “2020 BTS Profile 2” as part of 2020 FESTA and revealed profiles of the members written by each other.

Each member wrote another member’s profile to see how well they knew one another. Leader RM wrote J-Hope’s, Suga wrote RM’s, Jin wrote Jimin’s, J-Hope wrote V’s, Jimin wrote Jungkook’s, V wrote Jin’s, and Jungkook wrote Suga’s profile and Q&A.

Taking a look at the golden maknae’s version of Suga’s profile, things seem to look pretty accurate! Jungkook’s answers to Suga’s thoughts about the other members looked very similar as to what Suga would actually say too.

Most of the answers to the Q&A were simple and to the point like Suga’s personality and had most of the answers be about sleeping. It’s also interesting to see that Jungkook put subjects such as politics and history for Suga’s favorite subjects in school.

Fans will also know that Suga has a habit of lying down in many photos, that also coincides with his answers such as him enjoying night time the most, not being able to live without his bed and laptop, and sleeping whenever he has the chance to!

Check out the rest of the members’ profiles written by each other!

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