BTS Jin’s Profile Of Jimin Has Us More Confused About What Goes On At Their Dorm

Tell us more about that bed!

To celebrate the upcoming FESTA 2020, BTS members have been writing each other’s profiles for each other. And Jin, as the oldest member, took the time to reflect on his best buddy Jimin… but it’s honestly got us wondering more about what exactly goes on in their dorm!

As the doting brother, Jin spilled the details of Jimin’s basic information and personal lifestyle by – ever in his signature style – emphasizing Jimin’s love for him!

Jin pointed out some crucial details to what makes Jimin Jimin.

Jimin’s most talented skill is loving Jin like a God. His role in BTS is keeping the conspiracy theories alive about how his abs from debut has mysteriously disappeared. And he’s got an alter-ego, named Jaman.

Jin then went on to delve further into Jimin’s personal thoughts and everyday life as he revealed intimate details from his best habits to his (you guessed it) adoration for Jin’s worldwide handsome visuals.

But what caught everyone’s attention was that apparently Jungkook’s bed is a sought-after national treasure, while Jimin’s room is decorated with last night’s leftovers?! ARMYs can pretty much see what crazy things go on in these dorks’ natural habitat!

And to top it all off, Jin hand drew a portrait of Jimin, but instead turned out to be Jimin’s alter-ego, Jaman!

Say hello to Jimin on the left, a gorgeous, talented, visual King. And say hello to Jaman on the right, Jimin’s friend.

Although Jin’s tea on Jimin may have raised more questions, only one thing is certain: the bond between these two are literally heart-wrenchingly-sweet yet die-rolling-on-the-floor-funny!

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Source: @BTS