BTS’s V Found The Perfect Person To Spend Time With After Quarantine, And It Was None Other Than His Dog Yeontan

It showcases just how close they are!

Earlier in the month, ARMYs shared their concern when BIGHIT MUSIC released a statement saying that BTS’s V had tested positive for COVID-19. Throughout his quarantine period, both V and the members made sure to reassure fans of his condition and that he was doing well.

Luckily, on February 21, it was announced that V had fully recovered from the illness and could finish his quarantine.


Since then, V has posted some updates, including confusing fans by letting them ask questions, posting a poll, and then deleting all of his stories on Instagram. Yet, those ARMYs who did see it were treated to his dazzling visuals and charming charisma.

| @thv/ Instagram
| @thv/ Instagram 

On February 23, V treated fans to another Instagram update, and this time it was with a familiar face, none other than V’s adorable dog Yeontan! In the pictures, V is so close to Yeontan. It even looks like he’s giving his dog a kiss.

| @thv/ Instagram
| @thv/ Instagram

When the images were shared, “Tannie” started trending worldwide…

Fans were sharing their love for the relationship between V and Yeontan. In particular, they shared the fact that Yeontan seems to be the first person V wants to see when he’s finished quarantine.

Last December, V gained attention from fans after posting a picture with his beloved pooch after he finished his quarantine after returning from his time in America.

Since Yeontan was introduced to fans, it seems as if V can’t showcase his love for the dog anymore. In an interview, ARMYs worldwide couldn’t get over a letter V sent to Yeontan. In particular, the words and emotions used made ARMYs feel very emotional.

To Tan, who even if it’s hard, is hanging in there and enduring. ‘Thank you very much for being alive. I want to make memories together for the rest of your life. I want to see an adult, Tan.’

— V

| Dispatch

V even makes sure that ARMYs can see just how Yeontan is doing through his Instagram posts.

On January 14, V brightened up fans’ days when he posted some clips on his Instagram of him and his adorable dog Yeontan. In the first post, V was having some fun with Yeontan before giving him a cute peck.

| @thv/ Instagram 

The next one was even cuter, with V stroking Yeontan then staring straight into the camera before returning his attention back to his adorable dog.

| @thv/ Instagram 

BTS always has the closest bonds and sweetest interactions with those they are closest to from each other, friends, family, and their pets. No doubt, with each member having their platform to share updates, there will be more cute pet content in the future.

You can read more about V and Yeontan’s bond below.

BTS’s V Emotional Message To His Dog Yeontan Showcases Their Unbreakable Bond

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