BTS’s V Was So Relatable While Editing His Vlog That ARMY Thought He Was A Staff Editor

Celebrities really are just like us sometimes…

BTS‘s V is the first member to share in their new series of solo vlogs.

He proved relatable AF as he went to the dentist, talked about creating his own music, ate lots of delicious food, and shared his driving playlist.

The vlog ended up being quite long, at least in V’s opinion. He was even concerned while filming it and discussed it with Run BTS! and BangtanBomb directors accompanying him.


Still, they decided on 52 minutes, so a little less than a full hour. Yet, V had to do the editing…

V |Β BIGHIT MUSIC via Weverse

After a while, even V got tired of it. He was not only editing the clips of footage together but providing subtitles/captions. Even during moments with little to no talking, such as the driving scenes, he was trying to include subtitles. So, one moment, he confessed via the captions that writing them had become hard.


ARMYs were so amused at this moment as a result. One even reacted on Twitter, thinking it was a HYBE editor responsible…

…only to find out if it was V himself!

Of course, knowing V was the one behind all the captions makes so much sense. When you rewatch, you can tell some things said in the captions were just so him.

We love vlogger V!