BTS’s V Swore He’d Never Go Live On Instagram, Then He Did Just A Day Later

He’s still getting used to the app!

BTS‘s V has only had Instagram for a week (although that’s debatable).

Yet, his feed is already aesthetic AF.

| @thv/Instagram

He’s broken multiple Guinness World Records.

V’s still finding time to comment on his besties’ posts too.

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Suga: Instagram is really hard 🙁

V: Try listening to a YouTube tutorial, it’s convenient.

And he’s even become a bit of a pro at Instagram Stories.

Still, there’s just one thing he won’t do.

An ARMY recently posted on Weverse, asking V if he would consider doing an Instagram Live. V is, of course, no stranger to live broadcasts, but he is still to Instagram’s features.

Taehyung Taehyung
Don’t you want to go on Instagram Live?


| Weverse

V soon replied, and his answer was simple and straight to the point. He doesn’t want to try doing Instagram Live.

Not really..keke I wouldn’t talk and it wouldn’t be fun

— V

| Weverse

This ARMY may not have gotten the response they hoped for, but, hey, at least they got a response from V!

Things sure took an interesting turn when V appeared to change his mind just a day later… A few lucky ARMYs were notified that V was going live, coming as a surprise to everyone.

| @taebokkiii/Twitter

It was likely an accident because it appeared that the live was continuing to buffer for just a few seconds before ending almost instantly. V must have been attempting to explore the app’s various features again when he realized he had started a live broadcast.

In some aspects, he’s still a rookie when it comes to this app! But we all once were, so we can certainly relate to his struggles.

Source: Weverse and @thv

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