BTS’s V Gives A Lucky ARMY Their Special Moment When He Asks For Something During “Yet To Come” In Busan

This story is so cute!

During BTS‘s WORLD EXPO 2030 “Yet to Come” in Busan concert, the members put on an incredible performance, served gorgeous looks, and left ARMY in awe of their talent. However, V made one particular moment for a lucky fan extra special!

In a fantaken video from Twitter user @minaeong_bts, V can be seen cutely asking for something from ARMY.

What was he after? It turns out he was asking for this stunning fanmade slogan.

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

After getting confirmation from the fan that he can have their own copy, he comes down the steps and the exchange takes place!

As he leaves, he thanks them for the slogan and heads back to the stage.

V proudly showed off the slogan with the beautiful words of comfort for both fans and the members.

There were a lot of changes, but we who haven’t changed*

Best moment is yet to come

— ARMY [*T/N: Modified lyrics from “Life Goes On”]

This ARMY’s kind contribution will always be remembered in these gorgeous photos of V carrying the slogan!

Watch the full video here.

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