BTS’s V Just Became The Ultimate Career Counselor For ARMY

He’s helping fans choose their dream jobs.

Choosing a career isn’t easy, but BTS‘s is happy to help his fans out.

On August 19, V (aka Weverse‘s “Director of Recreation”) logged into the app to offer career counseling.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

He asked fans to tell him about their hobbies and study habits to help him choose a dream job for them.

If you don’t have a dream or a dream job, I’ll suggest one for you. ARMYs who want to find their dream, please reply like this to let me know.
Hello I am 00
My hobbies are 00
I like studying 00%

[Writing in] English is okay..

— V

V told a fan who likes working out and only likes studying 7% of the time to pursue sports. “Your job is an ice hockey player,” he wrote.

His suggestion was perfect! “Oppa, how did you know I play hockey?” the fan replied. “I love you.”  

“Hello, I’m Lee ARMY,” another fan wrote. “I’m in my last semester of college, but I don’t have a dream. My hobbies are video editing, gaming, etc. I don’t dislike studying, thank you.”

Hmm. That’s a tricky one. V recommended “pianist” as a job, which takes coordination like gaming, attention to detail like video editing, and lots of practice.

Your job is pianist.

— V

V came up with many other fulfilling careers for ARMYs, including: English teacher, librarian, astronomer, curator, video director, and detective.

Your job is a detective.

— V

He also had some hilarious advice for fans who are dreaming of marrying BTS. Let’s just say that “V’s spouse” is not a job option!

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