V Is Waking Fans Up From Their “Dreams” Of Marrying BTS 

He drew the line between reality and fantasy in the funniest way.

Are you dreaming of marrying into the BTS family? says it’s time to wake up!

BTS has raised the bar in the music world and raised ARMY’s standards in the world of romance. They’re kind, talented, hilarious, handsome, rich, and genuine — basically, the closest real-life equivalents to fairytale princes.

It’s no wonder that millions of people have fallen in love with BTS, but marriage is a whole other story. Each of the members has his own way of responding to fans’ proposals. Like Jin, V doesn’t hesitate to slap ARMY with reality when they pop the question. Now, he’s doing it again!

Marry me!



— V

On August 19, V offered to help fans to find their dream job with recommendations.

If you don’t have a dream or a dream job, I’ll suggest one for you. ARMYs who want to find their dream, please reply like this to let me know.
Hello I am 00
My hobbies are 00
I like studying 00%

[Writing in] English is okay..

— V

Unsurprisingly, one bold fan said, “My dream is to marry Taehyung.” 

V wrote back, “It looks like you still don’t have a dream.” Ouch!

V also replied on Suga‘s behalf to a fan who wants to put a ring on his fourth finger. “Hello, I’m Kim ARMY. Thinking about Min Yoongi is my hobby. My thoughts about marrying Min Suga are 100000% (serious).” 

“Right now, your counterpart is in Chungcheongnam-do,” V replied. “When you have time, go look for him.”

Why Chungcheongnam-do? There’s a Min Yoongi Dental Clinic there! Looks like it’s time to book an appointment…

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